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BINDER Group designs and manufactures state-of-the-art aeration control valves, thermal mass flow meters, and control systems for the wastewater treatment industry. Our corporate slogan, “BETTER CONTROL. BETTER ENVIRONMENT.” underlines the use of all our products to conserve investment assets, improve processes safety and efficiency, and protect the environment while offering our customers the highest economic and performance value. VACOMASS® is a unique modular system for the control of air supply and air distribution to different aeration tanks in WWTPs. The system includes the following components: - Thermal mass flowmeters for air - Various types of precise control valves, especially developed for aeration air, with extremely low pressure drop, high linearity and repeatability - Smart control system for DO-control and improved nitrogen removal as well as diffuser maintenance. The system utilizes artificial intelligence through complex algorithms. They are very user-friendly, can be used as a stand-alone system or working alongside the DCS. The VACOMASS® system provides high process stability, sustainability, low maintenance, ease of use and easy integration while maximizing the energy cost saving. Binder Group has been working for more than 24 years to optimize the operation and performance of the biological stage in sewage treatment plants, since biggest portion of the plant´s energy consumption is related to this part. We provide German-designed and manufactured quality products. VACOMASS® is the most cost-effective aeration control system worldwide. COMBIMASS® is a highly durable, portable or fixed position, gas analyzer with a unique flow meter specifically designed for the biogas market. The product range is extremely user friendly with integrated maintenance diagnostics and easy servicing due to its modular concept. COMBIMASS® meets the stringent requirements for all different biogas applications, particularly where the gas is dirty and highly corrosive.

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Phone Number: 941-210-2872

Address: 618 May Apple Way, Venice, FL 34293, USA

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