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Home-Based Video Tele-Urology e-Visits: Doctor’s House Call is Back. E. O. Abara1, A. McBrien2, V. Lamontagne4, N. Sylvestre1,5, E. Abara1,3,5  1NorthernOntario School of Medicne,Clinical Sciences -Surgery,Sudbury/Thunder Bar, ON-ONTARIO, Canada 2Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN),TORONTO, ON-ONTARIO, Canada 3Richmond Hill Urology Practice,Richmond Hill, ONTARIO, Canada 4North Centenial Manor,KAPUSKASING, ON-ONTARIO, Canada 5Senbrenner Hospital,KAPUSKASING, ON-ONTARIO, Canada.
Introduction: The uptake of Telemedicine in clinical practice is on the rise amongst specialties at different pace in Ontario.  We studied   home-based video e-Visits in an office urology practice between June 06 2018 and August 08 2019.

Methods: Following approval by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), training of the urologist and office staff was completed. Informed consent was done at enrolment. Requirements for participation included internet access, an email account, and a computer or a tablet/smart phone. Steps to prepare for an e-Visit include e-mail invitation, testing connection/device and installation of the video application. On the day of visit, patients opened the invitation e-mail at the scheduled time and selected the icon to meet the urologist. Post visit survey was done. Patients under age and those with limited technical skills were assisted by parents, relatives or primary health care providers. Patients’ demographics, diagnoses, reason for encounter and feedback were recorded.

Results: There were 156 patients: 108 male and 48 females, aged between 7 days and 96 years.  Patient encounters included follow up to review test results and surgical outcomes (107), counseling (43), and assessments (6). There were a variety of diagnoses. Participants lived near and far; rural and urban. Patients described their experience as ‘time-saving’;’ convenient’; ‘no traffic jam’. In 9 patients, video visit was completed by telephone

Conclusion: Home-based Video Visit is here to grow in Office Urology practice. Collaborative   enrolment of more participants in multiple sites is required to better understand the benefits and limitations of this technology-driven ‘Doctor’s House Call’.

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