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J. Garcia-Diaz: L. Speaker's Bureau; Self; Astellas Pharma. C. Jones: D. Employee; Self; Rebiotix Inc. H. Karathia: D. Employee; Self; CosmosID. B. Finelli: D. Employee; Self; CosmosID. N.A. Hasan: D. Employee; Self; CosmosID Inc. K. Blount: D. Employee; Self; Rebiotix Inc..

J. Garcia-Diaz{1}, C. Jones{2}, H. Karathia{3}, B. Finelli{4}, N. A. Hasan{3}, K. Blount{5}; {1}Ochsner Med. Ctr., New Orleans, LA, {2}Rebiotix Inc., Roseville, MN, {3}CosmosID Inc., Rockville, MD, {4}CosmosID, Rockville, MD, {5}Rebiotix, Inc., Roseville, MN
Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance
AAR08 - New Antimicrobial Agents
AAR09 - Pharmacological Studies of Investigational Agents Pre-NDA
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