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D.R. Lonsway: None. A. Bhatnagar: None. R. Balbuena: None. R. Stanton: None. G. McAllister: None. A. Laufer Halpin: None. C. Offiong: None. J. Landry: None. P.C. Patel: None. M.R. Saenz Jr.: None. D.C. Ham: None. M.S. Walters: None. J.K. Rasheed: None. M. Karlsson: None.

D. R. Lonsway{1}, A. Bhatnagar{1}, R. Balbuena{1}, R. Stanton{1}, G. McAllister{1}, A. Laufer Halpin{1}, C. Offiong{2}, J. Landry{2}, P. C. Patel{3}, M. R. Saenz Jr.{3}, D. C. Ham{1}, M. S. Walters{1}, J. K. Rasheed{1}, M. Karlsson{1}; {1}CDC, Atlanta, GA, {2}City of Houston Dept. of Hlth.and Human Services, Houston, TX, {3}Texas Dept. of State Hlth.Services, Austin, TX
Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance
AAR02 - Antimicrobial Agents
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