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Track: +HMB10 - Phage-Host Interactions
Upon completion of this Symposium, the participant should be able to:

Recognize diverse mechanisms involved in how phages mediate and drive bacterial evolution

Explain how phage-host interactions can alter bacterial phenotypes relevant to infection control

Identify and compare phages associated with host-associated microbial communities

The purpose of the session is to discuss recent advances aimed at understanding the role of phages in health and disease, including phage dependent spread of pathogenicity islands, lysogenic conversion and phages in the microbiome.
Ecology Evolution and Biodiversity
Host-Microbe Biology
EEB02 - Microbial Evolution and Comparative Genomics
HMB09 - Microbiome-Host Interactions
HMB10 - Phage-Host Interactions
MBP11 - Phage and Viruses
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