Enter Note Done


This presentation will focus on the challenges and breakthroughs I had in writing and conceiving Indigenous Cosmolectics. I begin by discussing the rationale driving my move away from the common binaries associated with indigenous literatures. Next, I’ll discuss the imperative political commitment of finding a conceptual framework that emerges from indigenous epistemologies. When I finished the dissertation in 2006, I employed kab’awil, which is the central force in my work, but there was also little work about this concept. I was also concerned--when I revisited the dissertation to see if there was anything salvageable for the book—about bringing to literary and cultural analysis a concept that to me had a deeply spiritual resonance. Lastly, I’ll discuss some of the areas that interested me, but that I didn’t have time to address. I’ll end with my perspective about the future of the field.
Indigenous Languages and Literatures