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This ½ day course covers the theoretical and practical principles of GPC & SEC.
Conventional chromatography relies solely on a single concentration detector (RI, UV) to find Mw, Mn, PDI, %aggregation, by comparing the elution volume of a sample to similar known standards. Light overcomes the significant limitations of this technique to provide a direct measurement of 'absolute' molecular weight, irrespective of the sample's chemistry, composition, shape and structure. This is particularly useful for novel advanced polymers and proteins. The addition of a viscometer detector provides extra information around the intrinsic viscosity, structure and size of molecules down to the smallest molecular weights.
In combination, these detectors offer a wealth of molecular information about the samples being analyzed.
This course will discuss the principles behind the different detectors and how sample molecular weight and other parameters can be measured. We will also discuss practical aspects of making high quality GPC/SEC measurements and generating quality results. Finally, we will look at a series of application examples to see how these measurements can be applied to a wide range of applications and samples types.
Instructor: Carrie Schindler
Target Audience: Those with some general practical GPC or SEC experience who want to maximize the value obtained from their existing advanced detectors and those who are considering the potential benefit of adding such to their chromatography characterization portfolio:
- Scientists, R&D personnel
- Laboratory Technicians
- Quality assurance and quality control staff
Course Outline: (15min) Introduction & Course Objectives: What is advanced GPC/SEC?
(30min) Fundamentals of the Conventional/single-detector GPC/SEC
(30min) Principles of molecular weight measurements by light scattering
(30min) Introduction to intrinsic viscosity, its measurement and meaning
(15min) Coffee/Tea Break
(45min) Practical considerations of multi-detector GPC/SEC measurements
(45min) Case Studies of Applications in Polymers, Biopolymers & Proteins
(30min) Practical Take Home Messages, Question and Answer Session
Life Sciences
Liquid Chromatography
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Session Type
1/2 Day Short Course (fee)