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Nanoscience and Advanced Materials Specialty Section Annual Meeting Agenda. We are excited to welcome our guest speaker, Dr. Andrew Nelson. Dr. Nelson is currently a professor at Leeds University in the School of Chemistry. He is a recipeint of theRoyal Society Brian Mercer Prize for his sensor innovations and has coordinated two EU framework collaborative programmes. He is the current project director of SABYDOMA (Safety BY Design Of nanoMaterials) in the EU NanoSafety Cluster4:30 pm – Welcome4:35-4:55 pm - Guest Speaker“Advances in the Area of Safer and Sustainable by Design in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials”Dr. Andrew Nelson, School of Chemistry, Leeds UniversityProject Coordinator of SABYDOMA (Safety BY Design Of nanoMaterials) - EU NanoSafety Cluster5:00-5:45 pm - Business Meeting and Awards Treasurer’s Report Outgoing and Incoming Officer Announcement PDA and GSLC Announcements NAMSS Poster and Video Trainee Webinar Series Announcements – Meetings, Workshops, and Webinars Awards 2020 Award Winners 2021 Award Winners NAMSS 2021 Program 2022 Program Planning
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